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Prime Roots raises $30 million in latest funding round

Prime roots deli sandwich illustration

Prime Roots, a California-based food company specialising in plant-based meat and seafood alternatives, has successfully raised $30 million in a Series B funding round. The firm has received $50 million in total finance as of its most recent investment. True Ventures, Pangaea Ventures, SOSV/IndieBio, and Monde Nissin, the parent company of Quorn, were among the investors in the round.

Founded in 2017 by Kimberlie Le and Joshua Nixon, Prime Roots uses natural koji protein to create sustainable and delicious alternatives to traditional meat products.

Expansion across the US with new $30m funding

With the new funding, Prime Roots plans to scale its operations and expand its presence in deli counters and restaurants across the United States.The company’s mission is to provide consumers with sustainable meat choices that are tasty, satisfying and less harmful to the environment. As a Certified B Corporation and winner of Food & Wine Magazine’s Game Changers Award, Prime Roots is committed to transforming the global food system through disruptive innovation.

CEO and co-founder Kimberlie Le believes the recent funding is a testament to the market opportunity for the next generation of plant-based meats. By offering products that meet consumer expectations while disrupting traditional categories such as deli meats, Prime Roots aims to revolutionise the way people think about and consume plant-based protein options.

Prime Roots Koji — a mycelium-based vegan meat alternative

The company’s innovative approach is to use koji mycelium, a type of fungus, to replicate the taste, texture and nutrition of meat products. With the help of chefs, Prime Roots has developed popular deli products such as cracked pepper turkey, black forest ham, hickory bacon, salami, and pepperoni.

Prime Roots has gained significant recognition for its innovative products that replicate the taste, texture and nutrition of traditional meats and seafood.

These products have been well received by consumers, with retail partners reporting that Prime Roots deli meats consistently sell out before lunch and sell 5-10 times more than other plant-based alternatives.

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